Kopfball Experiment


The WDR presenter Steffi Terhörst lifts a 5 tonne truck using a rope and a wheel pulley system from RÄDER-VOGEL for the WDR channel´s, popular science program.

For the WDR channel´s, popular science program, in the “KOPFBALL” segment, the presenter Steffi Terhörst ( body weight of 55 kg and using with her own physical strength) lifts a truck into the air using a rope and grooved wheel pulley system. The truck along with the lifting gear weighs in at just under 5.7 tonnes which comes to more than a hundred times the body weight of the presenter.

We supported the WDR science program´s pulley system experiment by supplying our pulleys ( grooved wheels) which were put under enormous pressure.

For more information and to download the WDR broadcast please follow the link