RÄDER-VOGEL welcomes six new apprentices


For many years we have been offering highly-qualified apprenticeships to young people and we provide excellent training which enables them to start a career at our company.

At present we employ a total of 18 apprentices in professions such as industrial managers (male/female), warehouse logistics specialists, mechatronic engineers (male/female) and cutting machine operators (male/female). For six of them, the new training year started with a warm welcome, on 1 August 2016, by the training coordinators as well as the instructors. After they were introduced to the world of RÄDER-VOGEL, they were accompanied to their respective work places where they will be equipped with the knowledge and skills of their individual professions.

In order to build stronger team spirit and to provide all new apprentices the opportunity to get to know each other better, we organised our RÄDER-VOGEL team event within the first few days of their apprenticeship. For the “Escape Game” the new trainees and their instructors were divided into small teams and locked in a room. Within 60 minutes the task was to follow-up hidden clues, solve riddles and by doing so find the key to their escape together as a team. At the end of the event, they all had dinner together during which the various scenarios and the liberation attempts were discussed at length with obvious pleasure.

Also in the coming year we will be offering apprenticeships. For further information, please refer to our career page.

Please contact our training coordinators Otto Lengwenus (dial 040 – 75499-487) and Sabine Ernst (dial 040 – 75499-437) for more detailed information on vocational training.