Reaching a goal together - running for a good cause


On 21 August 2014, we took part in the MOPO Team Relay in Hamburg Stadtpark for the sixth time.

1,900 relay teams with a total of 9,500 runners started in this unique combination of running event and picnic. Every team was made up of five runners, who each covered a distance of 5 km in relay.

This year we were represented by seven RÄDER-VOGEL teams. Here, it was not about individual performance, but rather the team - at the end only the total time of the group was recorded.

Besides the remarkable team performance and the fun of the common activity, every team ran for a good cause. For every registered team, the PSD Bank Nord made a donation to the Stadtpark Verein Hamburg e.V. for the financing of a new tree nature trail in the Stadtpark. Overall, this event has already raised over 55,000 EURO for this project in previous years. 

We’re already looking forward to the MOPO Team Relay 2015.