The innovative bonding system to meet the highest demands


Wheels and rollers are exposed to increasingly high stress levels. Use in continuous operation at speeds of over 22 km/h with high acceleration, high ambient temperatures and extremely dynamic loads places considerable demand on products. The limiting factor for operation in the highest performance range is the bonding system. The high stress on the tread produces high temperatures, which can lead to the wheel tread coming away from the wheel centre. 

“Previous solutions were already reaching the limits of possibility in intralogistics. Over a period of five years, we have therefore developed the new RV-COMPOUND® bonding system and brought it to full production status production in order to exploit the full potential of our tread materials,” explains Tobias Gercke, Technical Director at RÄDER-VOGEL.

With RV-COMPOUND® we have developed a unique solution which is characterised by a temperature resistance above the liquefaction temperature in a wide range of wheel treads. Comprehensive test stand runs and field tests have confirmed that the load-bearing reserves are extended in the case of existing wheel designs and higher nominal loads are possible for new designs with an adapted configuration.

As of January 2016, we have been using RV-COMPOUND® for the production of all of our VULKOLLAN® and polyurethane wheels, and we process this automatically using specifically designed systems. “Thanks to our new bonding system, our customers can enjoy the full level of performance of our wheels even under the highest demands.

Furthermore, during the processing of RV-COMPOUND®, no solvents are used, resulting in improved health and safety for our employees as well as a significant contribution towards environmental and climate protection. An ideal combination for the benefit of everyone”, says Carsten Henning, President and Managing Partner of RÄDER-VOGEL.