The innovative bonding system for the highest demands

Our wheels and rollers are exposed to increasingly high stress levels. Use in continuous operation at speeds of over 22 km/h with high acceleration, high ambient temperatures and extremely dynamic ultimate loads places considerable demand on our products. We have therefore developed our new RV-COMPOUND® bonding system in order to exploit the full potential of our tread materials.

RV-COMPOUND® has a high temperature resistance beyond the melting point in a wide range of different wheel treads, so it extends the load-bearing reserves for existing wheel designs and enables higher nominal loads for new designs with adapted configurations. It therefore considerably extends the lifespan of our products. Furthermore, no solvents are used in processing the bonding system, thus ensuring a considerable improvement in environmental protection as well as better health protection for our employees. An ideal combination for the benefit of everyone.

RV-COMPOUND® is used for the production of all of our VULKOLLAN® and polyurethane wheels and is processed automatically using specially designed systems.