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With our new industry flyers, we will in the future be giving you a compact overview of our product portfolio for a wide range of applications. We will start with the one-pager on the subject of wheels and rollers for mechanical engineering.

We strive for one thing above all else: perfection

PEVODYN® with optimized properties and new colour


RÄDER-VOGEL even in the grips of Corona.

We continue to make our contribution
for the mobilisation of resources.

Throughout the world. Global sales.

We are there for you across the the world. You can get
our products exclusively from independent retail partners in more than 50 countries.

The right solution for every application

Our new special solutions brochure is out now!

Precise, flexible transport

From distribution centres to cold storage, we can provide the right solution for any shuttle application.

Secure and reliable under heavy workload

The new Amusement-Rides-Technology brochure contains information about our products which are in use and excel on a daily basis in amusement parks around the world.


The catalogue provides you with a complete overview of our portfolio. Neatly designed and clearly structured, you will quickly find the right product for your application.


Heavy loads, tight spaces and extreme temperatures – our PEVOTEC® wheel specially developed for forging manipulators copes well with all of these demands.

Wheels & Castors

We provide you with more than 30,000 items with diameters of 30 mm to 1,800 mm and load capacities of up to 80 tons. Our drive, load and guiding wheels as well as our press-on tyres, running wheels and pallet rollers meet the highest standards every day.



Our products drive a wide range of industries. From the extraction and processing of raw materials to intralogistics and transportation and supply systems – all over the world, our customers trust in the excellent quality of our extensive product range.



We offer you extensive consultation, first-class service and high availability of our products. In addition to our locations in Germany, you can obtain our wheels and castors exclusively from independent retail partners in more than 50 countries around the world.


Focus on the most important thing: We love what we do. Innovation, precision, motivation: every day, we are there for our customers with quality products and excellent services - and we love what we do.