Your requirements set the benchmark.

Individual items or large batches – we are specialists and the market leader in customised production in Germany. Working in cooperation with you, we develop high-quality solutions for a diverse range of requirements. You can count on our years of experience and expertise working in almost every industry.

Everything is possible.

40 employees in our construction and development department every day strive to make your wishes a reality. Our range of services includes the entire production development cycle – from the initial idea, to construction and testing, and through to production. Depending on the requirements and area of application, we can either draw on existing products and adapt them to fit your needs or we can construct new, innovative solutions in collaboration with you.

Based on 3D construction data, we carry out strength calculations and simulations of load cases using specialised FEM modules. This allows us to check all the key parameters of your wheel by computer. 

Innovative wheel tread materials

In addition to the construction of custom-made products, we constantly work on the further development of our existing product range and on implementing market requirements into new products. We are the most innovative company in the development of wheel tread materials in the world and we cooperate closely in this respect with a number of colleges and with our partners. Over the past decades, we have developed and patented several materials, such as Vulkollan®-ELF and Tractothan®.