Swivel and fixed castors

We offer you an extensive range of institutional, industrial and heavy-duty castors in the form of swivel and fixed castors for a wide range of different industrial applications. All of our products are known for their excellent workmanship, high quality and long lifespans.


Castors are made up of a wheel, housing and axle material and are used to make equipment or transportation systems mobile. The castor is usually attached either via a plate, a hole fitting or a stem fitting. As passive components, they are generally not directly driven.

In the design of castors, we distinguish between fixed castors and swivel castors.

Fixed castors and swivel castors

Fixed castors are connected to the device or transportation system via a rigid fastener and therefore cannot swivel. They can consequently only operate in linear motion.

Swivel castors have a swivelling fastener and can also rotate in addition to moving in a linear direction. Swivel castors can also be equipped with a lock.

You can lock the wheel motion using wheel locks. Directional locks, on the other hand, lock the swivelling movement of the swivel castor in one or a few defined directions. Our ALLSTOP locks, lock both the wheel and the swivelling movement of a castor.