Safe and reliable operation under heavy workload – Wheels and rollers for amusement rides technology

Amusement rides technology has continuously developed in recent years, requirements and demands have increased from year to year accordingly. In particular, higher speeds and shorter stops between rides demand everything from the materials used. This makes it all the more important to count on top quality, high-performance materials. That is why our wheels are in operation around the world and excel through their low starting and rolling resistances, high dynamic load capacity as well as high abrasion and wear propagation resistance.

Our range of wheels include:

  • Drive, load and guiding and up-stop wheels for rollercoasters
  • Wheels and press-on-tyres for water rides
  • Wheels and press-on-tyres for amusement rides
  • Drive and load flanged wheels for monorail and light railway systems

Suggested wheel tread material depending on area of application:

  • VULKODYN® 94 and 97 Shore A
  • PEVOTEC® 60 Shore D
  • PEVOTEC® 97 Shore A
  • VULKOLLAN® 93 and 95 Shore A / hydrolysis-stabilized

In the selection of the appropriate wheels for a particular application you can rely on our experience and expertise. Anything from a standard product to a custom-designed solution can be realized.

Download the Amusement-Rides-Technology Brochure here