Stainless steel castors

We product stainless steel castor systems using the wheel materials PEVOLON®, PEVOTHAN® and thermoplastic rubber. These were specially developed for wet areas and for areas with special hygiene requirements. These include slaughterhouses, fish, meat or milk-processing establishments, commercial kitchens, hospitals and pharmaceutical and chemical businesses. Compact locking devices ensure secure and permanent locking for all areas of application. All of our stainless steel castor systems are known for their high-quality workmanship, and long lifespan.

Stainless steel institutional castors and industrial castors are also available with electrically conductive PEVOLON® and PEVOTHAN® wheels.

Stainless steel institutional castors

Polished stainless steel housing, with thermoplastic rubber or PEVOTHAN® wheels, with plain bearings, deep groove ball bearing or rust-proof deep groove ball bearing, with top plate or hole fitting, on request with ALLSTOP lock, 60-125 kg load capacity.

Stainless steel industrial castors

Stainless steel housing  with PEVOLON®, PEVOTHAN® or thermoplastic rubber wheels, with plain bearings or rust-proof roller bearing, with top plate, hole fitting or stem fitting, ALLSTOP lock available on request, 80-750 kg load capacity.

Stainless steel institutional castors

Welded stainless steel housing with PEVOLON® wheels, with plain bearings, with top plate, optionally with ALLSTOP lock, 450-550 kg load capacity.