Standard wheel materials

VULKOLLAN® (93 Shore A)/VULKOLLAN® hydrolysestabilisiert

VULKOLLAN®* is a highly elastic, cross-linked polyurethane elastomer based on Desmodur® 15* with excellent mechanical properties. This includes high dynamic load capacity, high abrasion resistance and tear propagation resistance, the highest modulus of elasticity of all elastomers, high mechanical wear resistance as well as high impact resilience and low compression set. As a result, VULKOLLAN® is the preferred choice for use in drive wheels and load wheels in industrial trucks, materials handling and mechanical engineering. For applications in tropical environments, we recommend VULKOLLAN® hydrolysis-stabilised.

  • Long service life
  • High load capacities
  • High speed
  • High impact resilience

* registered trademark Covestro AG


PEVODYN® is a new high-quality polyurethane elastomer which we have developed, which offers a significantly reduced starting and rolling resistance as well as high dynamic load capacity. The material is therefore particularly suitable for intra-logistic applications. Thanks to its hydrolysis resistance, PEVODYN® is perfectly suited for use in topical climates.

  • Long service life
  • High load capacities
  • High speeds
  • High energy efficiency



PEVOPUR® is a high-quality polyurethane elastomer which offers good dynamic load capacity, high elasticity, good mechanical wear resistance and good compressive set quality. PEVOPUR® is also significantly more resilient than rubber. Consequently, the material is particularly suitable for applications with lower requirements and is ideally suited for use in tropical climates.

  • Medium load capacities
  • Medium speeds