Wheels and castors for stage and event technology

For more than 50 years we have been providing theatre wheels and castors which are used in upper and lower machinery as well as for set construction in theatre and decorating workshops.

In this connection, the quality and reliability of our products are the most important factors for the development and the production.

As a member of the DTHG (Deutsche Theatertechnische Gesellschaft - German theatre technical society) specialist association we regularly take part in the regional meetings of the DTHG and in the stage technology conference (BTT) and we are conscious of your needs and requirements. In the selection of suitable wheels and castors for your application you can rely completely on our know-how and our experience. From standard to specially designed products we convert your wishes and requirements into reality. Our service comprises not only of comprehensive consultation but also the creation of 3D-CAD files of all wheels and castors for your design drawings.

Our wheels and castors range comprises of:

  • Wheels and castors for upper and lower machinery
  • Stage wheels / theatre wheels
  • Stage castors / theatre castors and conveyor rollers
  • Heavy-duty wheels
  • Heavy-duty castors
  • Stage-Swivel (Turtles / rotation tables / trapezoidal castors)
  • Drive wheels and running wheels
  • Institutional castors and conductor castors
  • Blue wheels
  • Grooved rollers, hose rollers, guiding rollers, etc.

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