Special wheel tread materials for secure and productive transportation of goods in cold stores and refrigerated areas

Customers constantly report transportation problems in cold stores and low-temperature warehouses – extreme temperatures, flat spots in load and drive wheels, traction problems, risk of slipping due to condensation, etc. Here we can provide solutions for almost every application with our broad range of special wheel tread materials:


  • VULKOLLAN® 95° Shore A helps to prevent the formation of flat spots in highly stressed system devices and reach mast trucks.
  • VULKOSOFT® and TRACTOSOFT® with a low Share hardness 85° Shore A increase transportation security and performance in the case of traction problems.
  • TRACTOTHAN® (Shore hardness 93 and 95 Shore A) has been extensively tried and tested in mixed operation with traction problems due to dampness caused by condensation.
  • For applications on extremely damp, smooth and greasy surfaces or with a risk of icing, VULKOLLAN®-Quartz (94 Shore A) may be used (e.g. in the fish, meat and dairy industries).
  • Stainless steel pallet rollers with plastic sealings and V-ring gaskets are used in the food industry as well as in corrosive environments.

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