Drive, load and guiding wheels

We provide you with drive, load and guiding wheels as well as the highest quality and durability for almost every industry and a wide range of applications.

Drive wheels

Drive wheels have a fixed connection between the wheel and axle and thus ensure the required transmission from the engine to the ground and of course can be accelerated and braked. This means that you are free to decide which type of connection you would like to use. For example, you can choose from borings, grooves and recesses for clamping kits.

Due to their structure and function, drive wheels are generally not built on castors.

Load wheels

Load wheels are predominantly used for bearing loads. Due to their continuous connection between the wheel and axle, they also turn and, in contrast to drive wheels, can neither be braked nor accelerated. We can decide on the bearing to be used with the individual customer. In addition to the most frequently used ball bearings, we also offer you sliding bearing arrangements and roller bearings as well as customer-specific special solutions. It is a good idea to build these on castors.

Guiding wheels

Guiding wheels are used in cable guide rollers and side guide rollers, for example. They are used to guide cables or entire machines or to absorb shocks and mostly have a continuous connection between the wheel and axle.