Heavy use in wind and weather conditions – wheels and castors for water clarifying industry

Wheels and castors in water clarifying systems must run free of disruptions in winds and all types of weather. We provide manufacturers of water clarifying solutions as well as local authorities, waste water associations and operators of industrial water clarifying systems around the world with high-quality wheels and castors for original equipment, maintenance/replacements as well as expansions and renovations. 

Scraper bridges from circular scrapers and longitudinal scrapers as well as sand traps are equipped with drive and running wheels. The solid rubber wheel material is selected if the contact pressure on the edge of clarifying tank needs to be particularly low. VULKOLLAN® wheels or VULKOLLAN® press-on tyres are an efficient alternative. 

Stabilising wheels for the clearing blades that run on the bottom of the tank are, depending on the type of system, produced with series A PEVLON® wheels, series APU PEVOLASTIC® wheels, in the form of PEVLON® wheels with firmly cured-on ELASTIC solid rubber tread with sintered bronze bushings (series 76) or with special polyamide with TPU tread (Shore hardness 98 Shore A) with plain bearing drill hole.

Grooved castors and single-flanged wheels made of PEVLON® are often needed for longitudinal scrapers. 

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