Heavy-duty wheels for high-speed applications

Even the highest VULKOLLAN® quality is not always sufficient for conventional heavy-duty wheels in order to meet the growing demands of intralogistics at final speeds of more than 14 km/h in the case of industrial trucks and more than 22 km/h in the case of stacker cranes.

HSHL® wheels (HighSpeedHighLoad®) provide a reliable and economical solution for these use types. With the innovative geometry of the wheel centre, the stress occurring in the edge area of the adhesive surface between the centre and the coating is significantly reduced. The internal heating that occurs at high speeds is significantly reduced thanks to the special design. A further plus point: fewer materials are required for the production of a HSHL® wheel due to the modified structure, which reduces unit costs.

Benefits of HSHL®

  • Improved operational behaviour due to reduced stress load and lower build-up of heat
  • Longer lifespan
  • Reduced unit costs thanks to savings with casting and VULKOLLAN®