RÄDER-VOGEL even in the grips of Corona - together we make sure that we continue ahead


The Corona pandemic has Germany and large parts of the world firmly in its grip. And what do we do in times like these? Meticulously observe the rules of hygiene and otherwise continue to work tirelessly - so that things can continue to run smoothly in those areas where it is particularly crucial at the moment.

The staff at hospitals, nursing homes and supermarkets are rightfully in the spotlight at present, as they make a decisive contribution to ensuring that those affected by the corona pandemic receive medical care and that there are no supply shortages for the general public. But how do doctors obtain masks, and where do grocery stores get their goods?

Logistics centres are of central importance to ensure that these goods arrive where they are most needed. With our wheels and castors for warehouse logistics, we in turn, contribute to ensuring that handling centres, where work is currently carried out under great urgency, continue to function. Wheels and castors are a basic component of the machinery and equipment in all logistics chains and are subject to very high wear and tear. For this reason, we are experiencing sustained high demand and are producing at full speed so that things can continue at the supply hubs. Industrial trucks, lifting trucks, driverless transport systems - this hardware must continue to run safely and with as little delay as possible so that the flow of trade goods is not interrupted. We are glad and proud to be able to contribute to this in such difficult times.   Fortunately, we are able to carry out our work , with comparatively low risk of infection and in compliance with all hygiene regulations to our staff - our special thanks go to all those people who do not have this luxury and who, at the forefront, ensure that we all remain healthy and well cared for!